Why not?

At least that's what we, Camilla and Kjell, thought when we sat on the balcony of our hotel in Bali in January 2018. Why not start your own balloon company, so we can do it our way? Take the best from all corners of the world and bake it into a unique experience. So it was, so now we'd like to ask you the same thing... why not?

Welcome to Upplands Ballongflyg. The experience that suits everyone!

Camilla Johansson

CEO of Upplands Ballongflyg and future balloon pilot

Applied for a job right after high school as a hot air balloon hostess at the balloon company Upp & Ner in Stockholm. One of her first flights was with Kjell and it would turn out to be a whole bunch of flights that summer. Later on, she got a position in Upp & Ner's event shop where she was assigned more tasks over the years, including managing the shop, organizing events and even performing some of them. Today, Camilla is a propeller plane pilot and is training to become a balloon pilot.

Kjell Abrahamsson "Ballongkjelle"

Flight manager for Upplands Ballongflyg and instructor.

Started ballooning in the late 80s when he accompanied his father who was then starting to train as a balloon pilot. As a teenager, he spent many summers traveling in Europe and helping out at various ballooning events. At the age of 19 he got his own balloon license and in 2003 he became the youngest commercial pilot in Sweden. Today, with an experience of over 14,000 passengers and over 1,000 flight hours, he is as enthusiastic as he was when he was a little boy.

Jonas Sandlund "The Cousin"


Jonas, who is Kjell's cousin, shares the same passion for balloons. He started ballooning in the early 90s when his father also started training as a balloon pilot. The two cousins stuck together through thick and thin, hanging out with their dads when the balloon went up. As a newly minted 18-year-old, he proudly earned his balloon pilot's license and began accumulating flight hours. In 1999 he became the youngest commercial balloon pilot in Sweden. It only lasted a few years before his cousin Kjell took the title. 10 years later, he overtook his cousin again and started flying one of the largest manufactured balloons in the world today, carrying 32 passengers. With over 1,000 flight hours in the logbook, the race is now on to see which of the cousins passes 2,000 hours first.