It is up to you to keep track of the day you have booked and the collection time. The time indicated in the booking confirmation is approximate and may change due to weather or other circumstances. On the day of the flight, the final collection time is given via SMS, at least 3 hours before the specified collection time.

If you do not arrive at the specified collection time, your balloon ticket will be used up. If you are delayed, you can contact the relevant contact number for your hot air balloon flight in Stockholm or Uppsala. However, you are responsible for getting to the starting point if we do not have time to wait for you.

What should I wear?
For an evening flight, we recommend that you dress as you would for a forest walk, depending on the weather. This means long trousers, good shoes and preferably an extra (warm) sweater. We may land in tall grass or a slightly muddy field. After the sun goes down, it can be chilly and at times there are lots of mosquitoes. Flip-flops, heels and skirts are not recommended.

Good to bring
Feel free to bring a hat and a water bottle if it's hot outside. Please also bring a valid form of identification. And don't forget your camera, ballooning is an experience worth documenting.

If the flight is cancelled
Ballooning is a weather-dependent activity and we sometimes have to cancel the flight. It can happen once or several times. Your ticket will be rebookable as soon as possible after the cancellation, but no later than 24 hours later. A confirmation will be sent by email when the flight has been canceled in the system, then you can book a new flight.