When do we fly?

The season in Stockholm and Uppsala runs from May 1 to September 30. We gather about 3.5 hours before sunset and start about 1.5 hours before sunset. This means that we have different collection times throughout the season.
2Winter flying
We usually do not operate commercial flights during winter in our latitudes. Our winters are usually very mild, rainy and windy. However, on those occasions when there is snow and freezing temperatures, hot air ballooning is very beautiful.

Where do we fly?

1Flight region
We offer balloon flights in Stockholm and Uppsala. In both cities, we always try to fly over the city center, but weather conditions determine the flight route, so that the flight is as safe as possible.
If you want to fly elsewhere in Sweden, please contact us and we will direct you to the right balloon company for your desired region.

When is the best time to fly?

There is no better or worse day to choose, each month has its own charm. At the beginning and end of the season, the air is very clear and you can see far. It's a wonderful period with lots of colors from nature. Fresher air and a little cooler.

During mid-summer, the sun sets at its lowest point and can offer flights until after 10 pm. The air is significantly warmer but visibility can also be poorer due to haze. It is not unusual for us to fly over people having a barbecue or taking an evening dip in a lake.
2Morning flight
Morning flights are carried out mainly June-August and on request by exclusive flight or by groups. Even though it is almost in the middle of the night we gather, it is an indescribable feeling, flying a balloon between 04:00-06:00 is probably the best way to start a new day.
It is unique for northern countries to fly so early as the sun rises later in many other southern countries.

What happens if the flight is cancelled?

1Weather dependent activity
Ballooning is a weather-dependent activity and we sometimes have to cancel the flight. It can happen once or several times. Your ticket will be rebookable as soon as possible after the cancellation, but no later than 24 hours later. A confirmation will be sent by email when the flight has been canceled in the system, then you can book a new flight.

What should I wear?

1Evening flight
For an evening flight, we recommend that you dress as you would for a forest walk, depending on the weather. This means long trousers, good shoes and preferably an extra (warm) sweater. We may land in tall grass or a slightly muddy field. After the sun goes down, it can be chilly and at times there are lots of mosquitoes. Flip-flops, heels and skirts are not recommended.

Feel free to bring a hat and/or water bottle if it's hot outside.
2Morning flight
For a morning flight, we recommend wearing boots or similar footwear. This is because of the morning dew that builds up during the night.

Can everyone fly a hot air balloon?

To fly a balloon with us, you must be at least 12 years old and 140 cm tall. If you are under 18, at least one guardian must accompany you in the basket.
2Injury or illness
The flight is about an hour long and you should be able to stand up in the basket during this time. The landing can be compared to jumping off a stool, if you are unable to do this due to back problems or disability, we do not recommend flying a hot air balloon.

If you are unsure whether you can fly a balloon due to another injury or illness, we recommend that you consult your doctor.
For safety reasons, we do not fly pregnant women. If you become pregnant after buying a ticket, we will extend your ticket so you can enjoy your experience after your pregnancy. Submit a pregnancy certificate given to you by the midwife together with your ticket code and we will take care of it for you.

Am I insured during the flight?

Everyone who chooses to fly a hot air balloon with us is fully insured during the flight, according to the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations.

Do I have a right of withdrawal on my balloon ticket purchase?

114 days
When buying airline tickets - including balloon tickets - you do not have a right of withdrawal or open purchase under Swedish law. However, we offer refunds within 14 days of your purchase. The right of withdrawal does not apply if you have made a flight day booking in our booking system. This applies even if the booked flight is canceled due to bad weather.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to our physical gift cards.

If you want to redeem your ticket, contact us as soon as possible by email with your ticket code and we will help you.

How long is my balloon ticket valid?

12 years
Your balloon ticket is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. A flight must be booked during the seasons that fall within the validity period of the ticket.

If we have to cancel a flight, we will extend the validity period by 30 days from the last scheduled flight.

The validity of a balloon ticket can be extended for another year for 300 kr. A ticket can only be extended during its period of validity. An expired ticket will not be renewed.