Balloon advertising

We offer different types of advertising services for your company.

• Put text on one of our existing balloons.

• Customize a brand new balloon in the style of your logo and colors.

• Order a "special shape", a balloon that looks like a figure.

Ordinary round balloon

An advertising contract for a standard round balloon runs seasonally for typically 1, 3 or 5 seasons. A fixed price per year, the cost depends entirely on the design of the balloon. An ordinary round balloon can be used in our regular activities and is thus exposed over Stockholm and Uppsala every season. A typical commercial balloon has a minimum lifetime of 450 hours. When you order a balloon, it takes about 6 months to produce a finished product.

The advertising surface of a larger balloon, like our Notar balloon, is about 130 m2 and is applied on three sides. The letter t in Notar is about 7 meters high!

Missions with anchored balloons can only be carried out with smaller balloons.


Special shape

A special shape is a hot air balloon that looks like a figure, which attracts its own attention. It is very popular around the world. If you want to market yourself in several locations with a balloon or even abroad, special shape is the way to go.

You can fly commercially with paying passengers, but because these balloons are sewn differently with more fabric, they are less suitable for our regular operations. The balloon is getting heavier, which means we need more staff to work on the balloon during each flight. Normally, this balloon takes 2-3 passengers.

A special shape advertising contract normally runs for 3, 5 or more years. They are suitable for free flight and anchored display flights.

An initial price calculated over the entire duration of the contract. As well as a fixed price per completed flight mission and/or a fixed hourly rate for anchored display missions. Specially shaped balloons have a minimum lifetime of 300 flight hours.

Add-on shapes

A hot air balloon that is originally a round balloon, with various shapes added to the outside, such as a pair of ears. These balloons can be sewn as larger passenger balloons or smaller balloons.

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