In order to book a flight, you must first buy a ticket. Reservations can be made at the time of purchase or later. Please note that flights must be booked during the seasons that fall within the validity period of the ticket. The ticket is valid for 2 years from purchase.

On the day of your flight, we will announce via SMS whether or not we are meeting, at least 3 hours before the stated meeting time. Ballooning is weather-sensitive and cannot always be carried out in strong winds or thunderstorms. But don't make your own judgments! It can rain in the afternoon but still fly in the evening after the rain has passed. We receive regular weather updates from the meteorologist via a service dedicated to our activities.

We gather at a common meeting point, in Stockholm we gather at Solna station and in Uppsala behind IFU Arena. The pilot will check the wind direction before we continue together to the starting area. We will return to the meeting point after the flight, so you can park your car here. Please note that it can be difficult to find parking in Stockholm, so it may be a good idea to be out in time or use public transportation to reach us when flying a hot air balloon in Stockholm. We are not responsible if you are late and miss your booked flight.
Meeting point Stockholm - Rättarvägen 1 in Solna.
Meeting point Uppsala - behind IFU Arena, opposite Arenahotellet, Edith Södergrans gata.

On the starting line, we collectively take out the balloon and prepare it for flight. The pilot has a mandatory safety briefing and tells you more about the plan for the upcoming flight. After this, the balloon will be filled with first cold air from fans, before the pilot starts filling it with warm air.

"Let's take off!" is a common comment from passengers as we float away in our balloon. Normal flying height is between 100-300 meters, but sometimes we are sniffing the treetops or flying at higher altitudes. This is how we steer our balloon, by changing its altitude.

After about 1 hour it is time to prepare for landing. The landing can be compared to jumping off a pallet. It may consist of one or more bumps, and the basket may even tip over during the landing. There is nothing to worry about, the basket is built for this and there is usually a lot of laughter when it happens.
Once down again, we pack up the balloon. Finally, there will be a traditional balloon christening where the pilot will take you on a journey over 200 years back in time. We will have a toast and a picnic, and you will also receive a personalized diploma with your new title as a nice souvenir.

Then there is transportation back to the assembly point. If you want to deviate on your own from the landing site or if you want to jump off along the way, that is of course possible. Once back at the meeting point, we thank you for this time and wish you to return in the future.